The Idea

500 Suffolk Reasons is a small local fundraising group, run by five friends who want to make a difference.


Life is very hard for a lot of people at the moment and there are many things that are of vital importance to people who are struggling but these are not met by any benefit. We know this because we are all in jobs that show us this on a daily basis.

Just recently in my role at The Rural Coffee Caravan, I have been both privileged and humbled to be asked to award ‘hardship’ funding to families experiencing financial stress because of Covid induced problems, job loss, furlough, etc. 

I have been so moved to hear some of the stories and it has made me realise how many genuine difficulties are being experienced, that a small amount of money would fix- money that will not be met by any benefit. For example, fuel or travel expenses to see family that haven’t been together since before March last year, car repairs or MOTs, or even insurance, which means the car is off the road and employment chances diminished as a result, school kit, tech for children who need it to be able to keep up with their peers. Many of these people never imagined they would find themselves in these situations.  


Inspired by Joe Sims who set up the original 500 Reasons group in 2017, I have asked four friends to join me and together we have set one up in Suffolk for Suffolk residents. We just want to be able to help in a clear, straightforward, non-bureaucratic way.


The premise is simple, 500 people each donate £1 a week and are then able to nominate a person or family in need of a helping hand. This could be a front line worker unable to afford a vital car repair, someone who hasn’t seen family since the pandemic began but can’t afford the travel, a family who need particular equipment for a child, a recently homed person who needs furniture. The reasons will be as varied as we are as humans.

Together we cut through the red tape and get to deliver some simple kindness each week.

We are aiming for 500 participants in this Suffolk fund as soon as possible, each donating £1 per week by standing order. That will enable us to give out up to £500 per week to someone who is struggling. Having 500 members will enable us to reach more people. The group will focus on Suffolk residents. We will let you know when we have sufficient funds to accept the first nominee. In general, monies will be granted to individuals or families. Nominations cannot have a religious or political bias. As Joe Sims says
‘……..”working collaboratively and supportively to do some good each week is much easier if we avoid anything potentially divisive’’.

It is really easy to take part and we hope you are able to join us.

If you would like to become a member of 500 Suffolk Reasons, its very simple. we will send you an invitation to join us, that includes the details for setting up a standing order for £1 a week. When we reach 500 members, we will start accepting nominations. All money collected before that will be used either to meet nominations with exceptional circumstances, or to meet more than one nomination in the first weeks.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

To get in touch please email